Designs by Lady Faire, LLC is closed.  Out of business. Done.


Why?  Because I'm NOT WalMart!  I'm not some thieving, cheating Chinese company that steals designs and ideas, and produces them in sweat shops that pay $.21/week and have vast storehouses full of fabric that they bought for a penny a yard.  You want cheap?  Go buy from the Chinese.


I'm tired of people who want Tiffany's products and expect to pay Walgreen's prices.  I'm tired of people who want me to make them a CUSTOM outfit, made of 30-40 yards of silk, takes 2 months of labor and expect to pay $100 or so for it.  The worst offenders are those who KNOW what fabric costs, and still want to offer me $17 for a custom cloak that takes 10 yards of fabric and a full day or more for me to make it.


I got into this business because I LOVE creating.  I LOVE making beautiful things.  I didn't expect people to want me to do it all for free.  So.  I'm done.  I'm selling all the fabric I've accumulated over the years.  I'm selling the racks and fixtures and the mannequins.  I'll continue to sew for my OWN enjoyment, my family and friends.  And that is all.


Feel free to enjoy the photos, read the political 'rants' and please go and have a fabulous life.  This site will morph over time into something else.  Maybe more focused on the political, maybe aimed at humor, and I'll continue to post photos of my work and my family and I enjoying those outfits.

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