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Here are a number of small images (thumbnails) of my bodices. If you click on the image, you will see a larger view of the same image. I try to give several views of the bodice, so you know what it looks like from the side, back, front - and if it is reversible. I will sometimes decide to make a bodice reversible to extend the options available for the renaissance wardrobe. A brocade on one side with a solid color on the other makes for twice the choices when it comes to planning your faire ensembles. If you look at the pictures of some of my previous bodices, you will see a few examples. Please excuse the lack of a decent model. My mannequin is a size 4 or 6 and I am much larger (none of your business!), so unfortunately, some of the bodices fit either too large or too small, depending on who is doing the modeling. I would like to point out that on a smaller mannequin, the torso is much too short, therefore the bodice of a larger size will not display properly. The tabbed bodice is a perfect example of that lack. I am hoping the wonderful lady who purchased that gown will send me a photo to display the proper fit.

You will notice that there seem to be several different styles of bodice. There are. The tabbed bodice is probably what most SCA'ers consider to be the most authentic. That is to say that there are no darts, French, princess or shaping seams of any sort. The bodice is straight cut. The style of the late 1500s was that the waist was pulled in and the bust was pushed up. There wasn't any attempt at shaping other than a conical one. Even the corset of the time had no 'cupping' for the bust. If there was more bosom, you simply didn't lace in so tightly. One was supposed to display one's assets, and the bodice styles of the time certainly did that!

I do not duplicate any outfit without the express consent of the original purchaser. These pictures are for reference purposes. I can make you any bodice you like in any fabric combination(s), simply email me for a quote.

Bodice options are: unboned - except at lacing; lightly boned throughout using 'synthetic whalebone' (nylon boning); or heavily boned with 1/2" flat steel bones throughout the bodice. Not a corset, but the next best thing. All of my bodices are lined. All of my bodices except the unboned are lined and interlined for additional support and stability. What that means is that the boning is set to another layer of fabric between the outer layer of fabric and the lining. This saves wear and tear on your bodice and adds years of wear. The reason I don't interline the unboned bodice is that it is unnecessary and it is assumed that you would be wearing a corset the interlining would make the bodice heavier and warmer.

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