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Here are a number of small images (thumbnails) of my chemises. If you click on the image, you will see a larger view of the same image.
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I try to give several views of the chemise, so you know what it looks like from the side, back, front - the sleeves, etc. I normally carry each design in natural (unbleached) and white. I can also make you a chemise in just about any color or fabric you wish. Satin, silk, muslin, or wool if you wish. Lace trim on the neckline and cuffs, inset into the sleeves, or made entirely from lace if you want.


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My chemises are full length; to the floor. They generally measure a generous 80" or better around in the bust area and increase in fullness to the hem so that they will fit over your hoop skirt or farthingale. The sleeves are very long, measuring an average of 25" from the body to the wrist along the underarm seam and extremely full to 'poof' through over-sleeves. This is not grossly oversized. The chemises are supposed to be full. The neckline is adjustable and can be worn on or off of the shoulders. The fullness helps to accentuate and conceal certain attributes. Since the fabric is sometimes somewhat sheer, the 'conceal' part helps preserve modesty. If you wish to preserve it, that is. To order a chemise, please email me for a price quote. For an idea of pricing: The lace neck chemise in muslin sells for $75. A muslin chemise with lace cuffs is $70. A plain muslin chemise with no lace is $65.

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During the Renaissance period, the higher in society your rank, normally the finer your garments. Including, most especially, your chemise. The higher ranked the lady, the finer, and more sheer the fabric of the chemise. This makes sense if you stop to think about it. Most peasants could spin and weave coarse yarn/thread and cloth. The really fine weaving cost money. Lots of it. Who had the money? The upper classes.


Partlets were worn by the upper class merchants, and nobility of all classes.  Partlets were, to put it simply, a blouse.  Nothing more.  Since they were a 'single use' garment, they were of no use to those of limited budgets, and were never seen in use by the lower classes.  They did come in various grades and qualities, as well as fabrics and colors.  They were also worn in different ways.  A maiden (lady of unmarried status) would wear her partlet closed in the front to protect her modesty.  While a lady (lady of married status) would proudly wear her partlet opened to display how lucky her lord husband was!!  It was also worn in various in-between states.  Do not let the fact that a partlet was closed fool you!  Some were so sheer as to be non-existent!  That was fine fabric, indeed!!  In one of my examples, you will find a partlet made of fine, light, silk chiffon.  A very bear to work with, but a dream when done.  Beautiful, sheer, soft against the skin...  Ah!  Wonderful.

Partlets were most often white, since that would go with most gowns.  The Ladies with deeper pockets would often have partlets made to match certain ensembles.  I don't have a wide variety of colors right now to show you, but I hope you can deduce the general idea.

Partlets range in price from $65 on up depending upon the fabric chosen.  The silk chiffon shown ran $14/yard (this was back in 2002.  The price of silk has gone up since then).  Partlets can have lace ruffles or self ruffles - your choice.  Both were used.  Lace was rather dear in Renaissance times, as it was all made by hand - a time consuming and tedious process.  Making it expensive, if the Lady and her ladies didn't make it themselves.  I have not set up the page with prices due to the number of variables for partlets.  If you would like an estimate on a partlet, please email me, and I will be happy to accommodate you.

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