I hate to do this, but it seems it is necessary.  What I offer is my talent and ability.  I do things you either don't have the knowledge to do, or don't have the time to do.

First of all, I am a very small shop - 2 people, one of whom doesn't sew.  That means that illness, family emergencies and weather play a part in my work - and will sometimes cause a delay in completing or shipping orders.  If you place a custom order with me, you acknowledge that as part of the transaction.

Second, I work in a limited space on limited funds.  I do NOT have a huge warehouse full of fabric for which I paid $.02/yard.  When I do purchase fabric, I do not purchase thousands of yards, so I don't get a break on pricing.  I generally pay the same thing for fabric that any other person does.  There ARE exceptions, but they are just that - exceptions.  For the most part, I pay general retail.  PLEASE do not ask me to take a loss because you can't afford what it is that you want.  And no, I truly don't care that it is for your 'special' day.  I don't make any money off of my sewing as it is.  I do this because I love to create and sew.  There is no fat to trim.  The majority portion of the price for that custom outfit comes from the cost of the fabric.  I frequently will find a really 'great deal' on a fabric - but that pretty much assures that I cannot go back and get MORE of it - it is a one time, good deal.  Remember too, that fuel costs control all pricing - everything is shipped - from manufacturer to distributor to retailer to customer.  And the prices on fabric have gone up steadily and sharply. 

With the above said, I cannot turn out a custom outfit in 2 days and have it to you by the weekend. (Yes, I DO get that kind of request)  I'm sorry - but it doesn't work that way.  Some of my fabric (in particular, the silks) come from outside the US and can take up to a month to arrive.  I can't control the shipping times.  Depending upon my work load, I MIGHT be able to drop everything else and work on your order ONLY, but if I do, it will cost you extra.  That way, I don't lose too much if a customer with an earlier order gets mad and wants a refund.  I also am not a charitable organization.  When I get requests (and they have been increasing lately) to donate time, talent and material to this or that event, I can NOT do it.  I'm sorry.  And the movie and video makers??  You know, the ones on a non-existent budget?  Thank you, but no.  I don't care if I DO get mentioned in the credits - no one reads them, and I can't afford to do this for you for free.  Same for schools - sorry, but no, I can't donate wardrobe for the entire cast for your production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" - yes, I really DID get a request from a drama teacher to donate the entire wardrobe.

For those of you who like what I do and want advice?  Happy to do so.  But, NO, I won't do your research for you (do your OWN homework, kid), No, I don't mind telling you how that is made, but I cannot be on call to walk you through an entire outfit, from concept to completion - Yes, I get those kinds of requests frequently.  No, I won't order the fabric for you, No, I can't do Skype and demonstrate or watch YOU do what you are doing and 'coach' you through it.  Yes, I get those kinds of requests as well.  No, I don't mind if you 'copy' my petticoats - that is why I did the blurb on how to make them.  Knock yourself out.  Yes, I object strenuously to those who steal the photos from my web-site for their own sites - I REALLY hate the low life without honor, poster child for retroactive abortion, misbegotten, fatherless, donkey's patoot who is using my pictures on his PORN SITE!!

All of that being said (and gotten off of my chest), I would LOVE to make your custom outfit, or your cloak,  petticoat or whatever!  That is why I have this site, and do what I do.  I love creating and sewing.  I love watching things take shape by my hands.  I love looking at the finished product and saying, "I did that!!"  I want everyone who wants to experience Renaissance Faires (in garb) or Civil War reenactments to be able to do so, even if they DON'T have money to burn.  It is really fun to actually EXPERIENCE living history.  To dress the way the ancients dressed, to walk in their footsteps, to talk as they did...  It is a rush!  And be sure to do at least a LITTLE research before attending.  Save yourself the embarrassment of being totally 'wrong' for the era.  And, yes, it IS embarrassing.