Economics 101


OK, let's take this easy.  We will start with, oh, let's say $1000.  Pretty good, right?  To continue.  X has the $1000.  Now, M, N, O, & P all think it isn't fair, it isn't "right" that X should have $1000, when they only have $1.  They think that X should 're-distribute' or 'share' the wealth with those who were less fortunate.

At this point, let's back up a little and give a bit of history.  X started off when he was very young, and he started with $1.50.  He worked very hard, invented a new device that everyone just couldn't live without.  He put a fair price on his device, and they sold wonderfully!  Therefore, X now has a comfortable $1000.  He has worked his entire life - hard.  Used his head and managed to finally make a nice life for himself and his family.

M, N, O & P have never bothered to work hard.  When they did have a job, they did the bare minimum to get by and keep that job.  They also have never attempted to invent or improve anything, nor have they worried about improving their education or training (other than the minimum required by their jobs, if they have one).  They look at X and they are absolutely LIVID with anger that this person has what they do not.  So they demand that he spread that wealth around.  Just for giggles, let's say he agrees.  M, N, O & P are just the tip of the iceberg of people wanting X to give THEM some of that wealth.  Consequently, X gives each person a part of his wealth.  Only $5 each.  Not that much, right?  Remember the iceberg analogy?  Well, 400 people have come forward for their 'fair share' of X's wealth.  At $5 per person, the money ran out after 200 people.  So there are 200 more standing there, demanding to know where THEIR share is.  And another 400 come crawling out and demand to know why THEY didn't get a share.  Meantime, X is broke.  Since all he worked for is now gone, what motivation does he have to make MORE money?  All those people screaming for their "fair share of the wealth" are getting madder and madder.  But, there isn't any 'wealth' left to share.

Sounds stupid and far-fetched, doesn't it?  Think again.  I just got through watching a news broadcast where several young people (20-30s) were talking about how the rich have had it 'their way' for far too long, and they are being greedy by refusing to re-distribute the wealth to everyone else.  One young woman, after ranting about the 'big corporations locking up too much of the wealth' and how education, housing, health care and so forth were RIGHTS, NOT PRIVILEGES, was asked if, should a CEO of one of the Wall Street Corporations she was ranting about should come down and offer her a job - would she accept?  Absolutely not!  But, she was demanding that she be given housing, education, and health care without having to earn or pay for it.  Why?  If we expect the rich to pay for everything for everyone, how are they going to get rich?  And if they (the rich) aren't working to get rich, just WHO is going to keep paying for all of this?  The well will eventually run dry.  That is just as bad as "Someone should DO something!"  Who?  And why should they, if you won't?

Why should I work hard to GIVE the very things I have been working for, for myself, to other people who are NOT willing to work for it?  Please do NOT give me the crap that I don't know what I'm talking about.  Yes, I do.  I have been on the streets - homeless, and with a small child.  NO ONE came and gave me anything.  I was told that I had to EARN housing, education and health care - by working and making money.  I got off the street.  I did.  No one did it for me.  I now have an education (which I paid for), a decent job, paying a decent salary, with benefits (health care - which I PAY for), and some people seem to think I need to pay for housing, education (we aren't talking about basic education, but advanced education/training) and health care for people who are 'less fortunate' than I am, and don't have it.    Using their logic, we should ALL quit our jobs and demand that someone ELSE pay for all of this stuff!  The housing, the health care, the education (which they don't use, if they get it!) and oh yeah, throw in some food money and expenses while you are at it.

Pardon me, but will someone please explain WHERE this money is to come from, and WHO is going to work for it?  If it costs me more to work than I am earning, why should I continue to work?  I currently pay out 1/3 of my salary for taxes (you know, all those people screaming for their fair share?), health care included.  If things keep going the way they are, we are going to wind up like England, where the income tax is around 60% or better, and a MAJORITY of the population is being supported by the dole (that means taxes/welfare).  I already see people on government subsidies who have much more disposable income than I do.  They HAVE housing, medical (no, not PRIVATE medical, but I'm still paying for it) care, LEGAL services, money for food, money for 'current fashion' clothing and transportation - they also all have cable TV, cell phones, jewelry that makes my eyes water, etc. and they don't work - most complain about 'no jobs', but I see stores and businesses all over the place with 'help wanted' signs out.  They also spend more money per week on 'beauty care' (hair and nails) than I spend in a month for entertainment (dinner out, etc).  Not to mention all of the money they spend on the lottery and similar things.  I see (on a regular basis) people who spend over $100 PER DAY on Pick 3, Pick 4, Lotto or similar several times per week!  I don't have that kind of money.  But they are receiving 'public assistance'.  I heard a couple of people talking about going to job interviews (because they were required to LOOK for a job to continue receiving their assistance), and presenting themselves where the employer wouldn't WANT to hire them.  But they are looking for work, right?  A LOT of these complainers have felony convictions.  Poor babies!!  I wouldn't hire them either!  A lot of employers complain that the people they DO have working for them are late to work on a regular basis (some just don't come in at all some days if they don't want to), physically dirty, foul mouthed and have crappy attitudes. 

I was brought up to believe that "charity" was shameful.  Period.  If you had an absolute, dire need, yes - but reluctantly, and you REPAID it as soon as possible.  People who live off the land (farmers, fishermen, etc) understood that "no work = no eat".  The only exceptions were people who could do NOTHING for themselves.  Even people who couldn't walk about well could read to sick people or watch over youngsters.  People who couldn't read or see, well, they could shell peas, churn butter - SOMETHING to help out.  There weren't any parasites.  Everyone did something to HELP, or they left, starved, etc. I started working around the house and helping out when I was 6 years old.  I started with washing dishes, dusting, sweeping and moved to cooking, sewing, laundry and still was doing the washing and cleaning around the house.

Why should being 'civilized' make us into a society of idlers, panhandlers, beggars, parasites?  Here where I currently live, the local beggars have FILED A LAWSUIT against the city, because the law makes begging in certain areas of the street illegal.  WHAT?!  My husband and I were walking on the downtown pedestrian mall, and a beggar asked my husband 3 times for money.  My husband and I both said 'no'.  HE ACTUALLY LAID HANDS ON MY HUSBAND to try and get money from him!!  Excuse me?  This particular person looks pitiful.  He has diabetes and has started losing bits and pieces of himself.  Very sad.  He is also a drug addict, an alcoholic, a drug dealer and a felon.  I know.  I see him every single day.  He also eliminates on himself and smells like an open sewer.  Compassion?  I have NONE for people like him.  He did it to himself.  Why should I support him (and all of his illegal, bad habits) because he has MADE HIMSELF unemployable - if indeed, he even wanted a job.  I once asked someone for $.35 to round out bus fare, so I could go pick up my child from child care.  It took me almost an hour to steel myself up to ask a stranger for money!  Yet these 'unfortunate, homeless' people have plenty of money for cigarettes ($8 pack??), booze, drugs and most of them are fat - certainly not missing many meals, in fact, they are almost always shoving something in their mouths!  They ALL have cell phones (NICE ones, too!).  The worst of the lot are also barred from any of the several shelters in the area due to drugs, alcohol, violence, theft, etc.  Compassion?  No.  I'll save that for people who really are trying, and just can't quite make ends meet.  I have given them money, food, clothing, etc and don't begrudge any of it.  Why?  Because those people are trying to take care of themselves.  They have a job.  They are working hard at minimum wage, and that doesn't go far.  But they are TRYING!

Economics is predicated on supply and demand.  If an item is in demand, the suppliers are going to make money.  That allows them to make MORE of the items that are being demanded.  Or different ones.  One big scream is the 'cost of health care'.  Prescription medications, and specialized medicine - for the most part.  OK, let's take specialized medicine (which will go away under Obama-Care).  Specialists spend anywhere from 8 to 20 YEARS learning their specialty.  At extremely modest tuition ($50,000/yr) where they are studying and working (at hospitals, etc LEARNING) for usually around 12 hrs/day, they don't have time or energy to take even a minimum wage job.  Most often, they have student loan/debts of around half a million dollars just to START practicing their specialty.  Obama-Care would limit ALL doctors (specialists included) to about the same wage as general practitioners.  How are they going to afford to get all of that extra school, and why should they bother?  Prescription medications.  Yes, they are expensive.  If you had any idea as to just how expensive it was to DEVELOP that medication (research, testing, etc), you'd wonder how they could afford to sell it for the prices they are!  Much less have any money for MORE research and development.  Where is the LEADING medical research done in the world?  Here.  The United States.  This is where most of the leading edge research is done.  HERE is where most of the break-throughs happen.  Why?  Because we PAY for it!  If Obama-Care is implemented, all prescription medications would be at a set, LOW cost.  So where is the funding for research to come from?  They won't be able to afford it.  What happens to a cure for cancer?  For childhood diabetes?  For Parkinson's disease?  Heart disease?  Where?  Imagine receiving the same, friendly, smiling, COMPLETE health care available through the local Health Department...  That is what we will ALL have (but we'll still be paying insurance premiums - in fact, higher ones) through Obama-Care.  If I wanted that, I would have stayed on the street, going to the Health Department whenever one of us was sick...  getting bare minimum care, no diagnostics, nothing not IMMEDIATELY NECESSARY TO SAVE YOUR LIFE.  I know one woman with a tumor in her stomach that makes her look very pregnant.  Medicaid won't pay for surgery because "it isn't an immediate threat to her life".  Oh yeah. I am all in favor of health INSURANCE reform.  Make ALL employers offer at least SOME kind of health care (not FREE!  I didn't say that!) because in some professions, health care isn't AVAILABLE at all! Through my job, health care for both my husband and myself is $400 per PAY PERIOD. Not per month, per pay period. Almost half my paycheck.  Before taxes.  Thankfully, my husband has health care available through HIS job.  So we are both covered, and it isn't costing us any more than $1000/mo.  No, I'm not kidding.  Health Care is a "right, not a privilege!"  No it isn't.  WE work hard for it.  Rights - You have the right to live as best you are able, with plenty of air to breathe.  To worship the oak tree in your back yard (if that is what you want). To bitch and complain about your lot in life without the government telling you that you can't.  You have the right to dream - that is what has been the basis for EVERYTHING that man has ever accomplished - dreams.  That's it.  You damn sure do NOT have the right to tell me that I have to continue to work to provide for someone who can't be bothered.  My children are all grown up, and they all work to support themselves.  My responsibility there is completed.

I DO have a challenge for all of those who are screaming about re-distributing the wealth:  Let's start with YOURS.  You re-distribute all of your wealth, and maybe THEN, I will consider doing the same.  But, you first.  After all, you are the one demanding it.  Put your money where your mouth is. 

If you do not believe what I say above about Obama-Care, I suggest you actually READ THE ENTIRE THING, instead of mouthing the same old tired crap the uber-liberals are spouting.  READ IT!  If you do not, you have no right to tell ME what it does, doesn't do or whatever.  You see, I AM reading it.  It is dry and hard reading, but I am doing it.  Have you?  I don't mean paraphrased bits and pieces, usually taken out of context - I mean the actual piece of legislation.  Until you do, shut up.  You haven't the RIGHT.  I'm tired of listening to un-informed, ignorant idiots try to tell me what to do and think when they themselves haven't bothered to do any actual research on the subject.  Oh yes, I DO have the right to say that.  It's Constitutionally guaranteed, isn't it?  Here are some of the 'high-points' of Obama Care, taken directly from the original text of the document:  Obama-Care   This should encourage you to see what ELSE is in there. 

Now.  Someone PLEASE explain to me how we can maintain a viable economy if we rob the productive to provide for the unproductive?  As Margaret Thatcher once said, "the problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of 'other peoples' money."  When you provide EVERYTHING for everyone, you have destroyed any motivation to work or to DO anything.  Perhaps it is best that human-kind is determined to exterminate itself, because as a species we are too bloody stupid to live!