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This page is dedicated to all of our loved ones who have gone on before us to prepare the way.  Be they 2 footed or 4, they are all members of our family, loving and loved.  And greatly missed by us all.

Beloved and greatly missed friend, companion, buddy and son: Barkley. Aged 14

Beloved and greatly missed friend, companion, and son: Hobbes. Aged 19

Here you are going to find links to places I hope you will like.  Friends who have sites that I find interesting, who make or sell items that are different, have viewpoints that are controversial, or just fun things.  If you are close minded, bigoted, prudish or otherwise not willing to listen, look and experience life outside of a narrow, strait-laced view - exit out of this page now before you find something that might shatter your preconceptions of what life is supposed to be like for 'everyone else'.  To quote a truly wonderful bumper sticker I once read, "I simply cannot abide intolerance."

Shadow, aged 4 months

Shadow, being 'cool' in his shades!


Misty.  She is only 5 months old here, and already the size of a full grown kitty

Picture of Misty, in Daddy's arms. Here she is weighing in at 15 pounds! and you can see she is an arm full!!

She is only about 10 months old in this photo  - not even full grown! According to the Vet and the breeder, she should top out at about 20 pounds!! Making her one of the largest female Maine Coons in the US!! It is really a shame we had to go 'snip-snip' on her! I really, REALLY wanted to show and breed her. UNTIL the Vet explained about HEAT in cats! Research it. It is NOT like in dogs! And there is NO birth control for cats. NONE. You can't give Depo-Provera to cats, like you used to give to dogs. Not unless you want to kill them, that is. So, 'snip-snip'. What a shame!! She is SO gorgeous, and has the "Show Cat" personality, in SPADES! (read 'bitch', here) Misty was returned to her breeder.  She became very hostile towards the pups, and we even caught her when she had Shadow in a 'death grip' (that is when they grab the prey animal by the throat and kill them by suffocation.  She also had Shadow so terrified, that he would not leave our bed if we weren't home.  He knew that Misty would be laying in ambush for him.  Can't have that.  We tried for 4 years, and Misty just could not seem to be a part of the family.

  We have another 'new' family member!  Her name is Midnight.  Actually, it is:  Weidman's Midnight Moon, call name Midnight, nicknames: Little-Bit, Endora (the original Bewitched?) and a few I can't print here [grin].  We got her in May '09 from a breeder in Petersburg, VA.  She is a bundle of energy, and Shadow is finally coming to accept the fact that she lives here (he was a bit put-out over that little interloper moving in and taking his attention away!), and he has discovered that Midnight is a girl!  Adolescent males are all the same, no matter WHAT species.  We figure when she hits her first heat, he will become even MORE interested in her [grin].  He's become rather fond of her, and is quite concerned if she shows any signs (or sounds) of distress!  She is coal black, and makes a nice contrast to Shadow's steel grey.  'Her' color is scarlet red, and we have a tendency to put a ribbon above each ear - and that along with the scarlet collar really grabs the eye when we are out in public.  The pair of them get a LOT of attention, although she still gets the lions share, at this point - being a 'puppy' and so enthusiastic.  Below are a couple of photos of her, and one with the two of them in their stroller at the Downtown Mall one evening when we all went out to dinner.  We do plan on having a litter or two of pups from Midnight, but from all of the people 'putting in orders', she had better have at least 30 pups in her first litter!! [grin]


Midnight is now almost as big as Shadow, and we expect her to wind up an inch or even two taller when fully mature.  Shadow's daddy was a toy, his mom a miniature, so he is on the small side for a miniature, whereas Midnight comes from miniature/miniature stock.  She'll be a 'full' sized mini.  Any time you plan on breeding, you always want the female to be the larger of the pair.  Saves on 'problems', and we don't wish to be the cause of pain and/or death when it comes to our babies!!



I am going to put pictures on this page of my family, some of my past customers in their period clothing [Rogues Gallery link below!] (some of them were kind enough to send me photos of themselves!  Thank you!!), my Quality Control Inspectors (Hobbes - passed on, Barkley - passed on, Shadow and Misty) and anything else that catches my eye.  I will also add some links to other pages I hope you will check out.




As I'm sure you are aware by now, when I'm unhappy with something, I'm very vocal about it.  Well, the converse is also true.  I recently had an extremely rewarding experience - well, 2 of them actually.  The first one came from a good friend of mine, Chris Oakley.  She owns Oakley's Gently Used Books on the Charlottesville Downtown Mall in York Place (112 W Main St, Charlottesville, VA  22902-5084, (434) 977-3313).  She became friends with Stephen Hickman - the author and illustrator?  Well, Chris had several of Stephen's works available for sale (numbered, signed prints) in her shop, and my husband and I fell in love with this one:

Chris knew we wanted the print, so she set it aside for us, and held it until we were ready to buy it - the price wasn't bad, don't get me wrong, it was just the wrong time of the month, financially.  Chris is great, very sweet, smart and a dear friend.  She carries a LOT of terrific books in that little shop!  Great condition, most look like new, and fabulous prices.  She also carries some really rare, hard to find items, as well.  We've picked up several real finds there! You should stop in and see what she has to offer.  Great conversation, terrific books of all sorts - you can't go wrong popping in to visit!

This is the second experience we have to tell you about - we took it to a 'new' art and framing shop (Market Street Custom Framing) and the owner spent a long time on a late Saturday afternoon - we got there 10 minutes before closing!  Anyway, she spent almost 2 hours with us, going through frame samples and mat samples and discussing arrangements, etc.  She spent a LONG time making sure we were happy with our choice, not just "it's ok, it's fine".  Then, she quoted us a fabulously reasonable price (especially compared to the other framers in the area)!  The finished product was beautifully set up, double matted, conservation backing and glass (extremely low-E), and she even put a card on the back to show what she had done, in case something should happen to it, and we needed repairs or restoration work done!  Here, is what she did!

Is that not absolutely gorgeous?  The inner mat is black, the outer is a golden sand color, and I apologize for the angle of the shot, but I was having trouble with flash glare from my camera.  The frame is a lovely tiger-maple, and I'm sorry you can't see it well, because it is stunning, and really adds to the overall effect. Wish she was still in business - she did truly excellent work!




Patterns of Time

A wonderful place to go for patterns if you are interested in making your own costumes or clothing, with terrific people behind the scenes.  The patterns come from a variety of places, and range from pretty (but definitely NOT period correct) to made directly from examples from the period in question, and you will have to make sizing adjustments yourself!  From easy to expert, from fun costume to serious re-enactor - you can find it all here!! 




Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorials

Do you have a 4 footed family member who has passed away, or who is headed in that direction in the near future?  There is a wonderful site where the atmosphere is understanding and compassionate.  You can go there to find ease for a troubled or hurting heart.  We have.  They offer memory stones to mark the final resting place of our 'other' family members, or simply to honor them.  We have availed ourselves of their services three times now (unfortunately).  The site is called Rainbow Bridge, and is a perfect answer to the question of how to honor our loved ones in a tasteful manner.  Please check them out.  The address for their site is:



If you have seen my "Women's" button and would like to purchase one, click here!



As this page is still under construction, and hopefully will be continually growing, please look in often to see what has changed, and what new links and photos have been added.  This is just the first draft.  I haven't even begun to get going on this page...  Oh, by the way, get those photos in, please!!  I lost a lot of them when my hard drive crashed!  So even if you already sent me photos, send them again, OK?  Thanks!  Link at the bottom of the page...



I have been talking with a couple of corsetieres about providing their services to you, my customers, for Civil War re-enactors or Renaissance enthusiasts, and I am pleased to say that I will be adding at least 1 corset page to my site!  All of the contact information will be going directly to the lady making the corset, I will not be involved in the process other than to provide the link.  However, I have seen the work and am impressed with the quality, or I would not recommend that you give your orders to this corsetiere!  So keep watching for the new corset link, coming soon!!



And, I think I am finally ready to launch my 'Rogues Gallery' of photos for you to look at, giggle, snort, sigh, moan, and make other slightly un-polite noises over, and hopefully share with your friends.  But please, share the site, not the photos, as they are just lent to me, and not mine to give.  But definitely, point your friends in this direction!! The more, the merrier!

  Rogues Gallery