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Arabian Unicorn by Eline Spek

Welcome to the Fantasy section of Designs by Lady Faire. Here you will find everything from Hobbit and Elf attire to futuristic Star Wars and beyond (eventually!) Some of the items you find in this section can be seen in other areas as well, since some designs are universal and timeless - no pun intended.

Fire Unicorn by Eline Spek

I am also featuring some artwork by relatively unknown artists whose work is, in my opinion, definitely worth viewing. Enjoy the artwork and click on the pictures to see larger views. Please respect the artist's rights, and check before copying ANY images from my site. To see more of Eline's work please click here: Eline 

If the links to Eline's and Megan's works are non-functioning, it is on the Elfwood end, and I'm afraid I have no control over that.  I've been told that the links work sometimes, and not other times.

And to see more from Megan please click here: Megan

Although I don't have photos of the finished outfits (unfortunately!), I have done cape and mantle for Darth Vader, Hogwarts robes for Harry Potter's Premier in London, a wonderful Cleopatra and others. The reason I don't have photos is that I only make the fabric portions of outfits, and I cannot compel my clients to send photos to me of the finished product. I wish I could!!

Phoenix by Megan Giles

Centaur Grazing by Megan Giles

I have to interject a comment about this picture. When I first saw this one, I just about laughed my ass off. It has to be the funniest thing I have ever seen, and it is intentionally so. The title 'tongue in cheek' is "Centaur Grazing", but my title would have been more like, "Klutz" or "Butter-Hooves" or something along those lines. Anyway, she meant for it to be enjoyed, so please do so!

If you order an outfit from me and send me back a photo, I promise I will post it for others to see. If you do not wish your face to be seen, I can take care of that with PhotoShop. Just let me know, but PLEASE send pictures!

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