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Lady Faire


"La Comtessa d'Noir"

Extravagant, elegant satin and embossed velvet combine to create an absolute vision! All in black, with just a touch of silver. Extremely dramatic, all eyes immediately go to the mysterious confection entering the court.

This exquisite creation is comprised of the bodice, oversleeves, skirt and French hood. The partlet and farthingale are not a part of this ensemble, but for display purposes only.


The Fabric: The embossed velvet has the appearance of delicate silver embroidery, but without the expense or the weight. The satin is a lovely heavy-weight weave. The trim is 1 inch wide and a wonderful silver and black that perfectly hightlights the satin and brings out the silver embossing in the velvet.

The Bodice: The center panel has silver embossed velvet as its outer-most layer. The sides and back of the bodice are black satin with silver and black 1 inch trim. The bodice laces at the front panel, the sides and at the shoulders. The bodice is thoroughly boned throughout using 'synthetic' whalebone then lined with a sturdy black cotton and interlined with a heavy-weight cotton twill for added durability.

The Oversleeves: The oversleeves are made of the embossed velvet and satin. They attach at the shoulders of the bodice with grosgrained ribbons. They are reversible and can be worn with either the satin or the velvet side out for different looks. The satin side of the sleeves is trimmed with the same silver and black trim as adorns the bodice.

The Skirt: The center panel of embossed velvet comprises a full third of the volume of the skirt! The black satin alone measures over 4 full yards!! The same fabulous trim divides the two fabrics and continues the flattering lines begun on the bodice. The waist is a comfortable drawstring through a cotton knit casing.

The Hat: The French Hood is the finishing touch to this fabulous Court gown. My own creation, or should I say, adaptation, with a built-in snood to keep your hair neat and tidy. Topped with a waist-length veil of sheer black tissue paper crepe.

Modesty panels for the side lacings are available for the asking at no additional charge.


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