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Lady Faire


"The Golden Duchess"

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Milady is out to the Faire for the day, and a glowing, golden sight she is today! Dressed in soft, lovely shades of gold in damask and velvet with just a touch of true gold to tease and tantalize. From the bodice with the startlingly new shoulder treatment, to the overskirt of gold-trimmed damask, she is every inch the Lady on an outing. With the front panel of the underskirt so closely matching the line of the bodice, the overskirt could be left off if Milady wished a different look for today, or perhaps a slightly less formal attire. Milady's ensemble consists of the bodice, overskirt, underskirt and matching velvet drawstring bag. The farthingale and partlet are not a part of this offering, sorry.

Made from a delicious cotton damask in wonderful shades of gold and a heavy-weight cotton blend velvet in a complementary gold. Everywhere the velvet and damask meet, the gold trim peeks out to add an additional 'spark' of interest in this beautiful ensemble. The lacing up the bodice back is through 9 sets of 2 piece brass grommets, and the bodice is heavily (double) boned with half-inch flat steel boning throughout and could be worn in place of a corset. The lacing is a delighful gold cord tipped with brass aguilettes. The damask of the bodice back laps over the shoulder and comes to rest gently on the bosom where it is flanked by the sleeve caps.

The bodice is fully lined with cotton and inter-lined with a heavy-weight cotton fabric for durability. The overskirt front edges are stabilized with interfacing to prevent curling. The underskirt adjusts by way of a heavy cord through a casing of the damask, and has an additional 7-9" opening in the rear to facilitate dressing. The overskirt closes in the front, is set into a waistband which overlaps in the front under the bodice and adjusts by way of grommets and cording. It will adjust 4 to 5 inches total.

At this point, I wish to thank my dear friends Alan and Cynthia Collier for the wonderful gift of my new dress form. With their generous gift, I can now properly display bodices that do not fit my smaller mannequin and static dress form. It is due to that adjustable form that this bodice displays so nicely.

Thank you Alan and Cynthia!


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