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"Maid's Renaissance Ensemble"

Here are a number of thumbnails of my newest offering: Renaissance Maid's Ensemble

If you click on the thumbnail images, you will get a larger view. Please remember to use the 'Back' button on your browser to return to this page!!

This outfit consists of bodice and skirt. The cap, farthingale and chemise are not a part of this ensemble.

The bodice is constructed of 100% ultra-fine light weight wool houndstooth in a two-tone brown on cream, with a 100% brown cotton broadcloth overlay. Then there is an ivory gimp separating the two colors.

Here is a close-up scan of the fabrics and gimp:

The lining is also of cotton as is the inter-lining of heavy-weight cotton. The bodice is boned with 'synthetic whalebone' in 4 places in the front, 3 places in the back and double-boned on both sides at the lacings. The sides are laced with cream satin ribbon through 12 two-piece brass grommets on each side. The bodice is STURDY! It is NOT, however, meant to substitute for a proper corset.

This is not a heavy, or hot outfit to wear. In fact, I planned it for the spring and summer months. The skirt is lightweight broadcloth and should allow for plenty of circulation during the warmer months, and since the bodice is sleeveless, you should be stylish, yet comfortable.

As the bodice is constructed mainly of wool, it is not recommended that it be washed, unless it is gently HAND- WASHED in a Woolite type cleaner, rinsed thoroughly and laid flat to dry. Even then, I will not guarantee against shrinkage! I recommend dry cleaning for ALL bodices.

The skirt is constructed of the same lightweight cotton broadcloth as the overlay on the bodice. the skirt is fully machine washable and dryable for convenience. Toss it in and go! It consists of over four and one-half yards firmly hand pleated into the set-in waist band. The waist band will adjust up to 3 inches due to the over-lapping design of the closure.

A word about measurements: Since these garments lace closed, there is always some 'play' in the sizing. That is why the measurements are given "fully closed"; as this is technically the smallest the garment can go. I say technically, because some people have discovered you can overlap the edges and straight lace the pieces to close them even smaller. About another inch to inch and one half. You can also make the measurements larger by not lacing fully closed. Leaving a gap between the edges of the pieces is not a crime! Also, you can have modesty panels with any of my outfits by simply asking for them. This will keep your chemise from showing through the gap.

Most women, and a lot of men prefer that their clothing be snug for RenFest. For the women, it shows off their 'assets'. For both genders, please remember, all of these garments are going to 'give' a bit in wear. It is normal. Just like your favorite jeans.


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