Great Gift!


For you or someone you know!

Offering today for your perusal, a terrific men's outfit; a 3 piece ensemble consisting of the vest, breeches and matching pouch made of upholstery grade, fabric backed suede cloth (looks and FEELS like real suede - you have to SMELL of it to make sure!!) and cotton twill, with a gorgeous jacquard trim.

The chevron bands of jacquard trim match up perfectly on the front of the open hip length vest, and continue onto the back. The pouch also has the chevron theme in the jacquard trim on the suede-cloth, and is fully lined in the cotton twill.

This is something a yeoman or lower merchant class man would wear to something VERY special. Such as his wedding or a high feast day! Please note the back yoke on the breeches! Very flattering, VERY comfortable!

The suede cloth even has a few areas in the fabric that look just like what you would see in real suede that are called 'natural distress marks'. So, I left them in when I cut, thinking that it gave even more authenticity to the suede look. What they are, in actuality, is where the suede pulled loose a bit from the cloth backing, and then in the finishing process it causes a 'bubble' or pucker in the surface.



The cotton twill is a medium/heavy weight, that is NOT too heavy, but sturdy enough to take wear. The trim imparts a lovely festive look to the vest, pouch and breeches.

The shirt does not come with the ensemble, but I will be offering suitable shirts soon, or you can contact me if you need one.

This ensemble is brand new, worn only by my very reluctant model to take photos...

I consider this to be a size large, and have tagged it as such, and due to the suede cloth, have marked it as 'dry clean only'. Dryell, or like, should work fine.

Thank you for looking!!

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The vest is open, so the fit is not crucial, but my reluctant model has a 44" chest. The breeches feature my signature "double flap" closure, so you never have to worry about showing anything you don't want to show [grin], and still be period correct!! The waist on the breeches is 38", and can be fudged about an inch either way, due to the grommet closure. The leg bands of the breeches also have grommet and cord closures. I do NOT use elastic on my period clothing.

This great outfit is complete, and ready to ship!  A terrific bargain for $350.  Get it before I head to 'Faire!!