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Renaissance Wear for King, Lord, Merchant and Peasant

Lady Faire now offers renaissance wardrobe essentials for men! 

Whether a King or a peasant or in between, let Lady Faire design 

and make your next great outfit.

Here are a few of the sets made this past year for customers
and family.

The merchant class is represented by the doublet and breeches set shown in shades of brown. Nobility is in maroon or in red and gold. Both are the same design, just different fabrics, body types and sizes. The maroon was made for a tall, slender young man. The red and gold was for a stockier, older gentleman. The red and gold was also a richer make in several ways; the mantle of the coat was real fur, the brocade was a pricier fabric, the shirt was silk and the overall effect was of royalty. The maroon was a very fine brocade and taffeta with velvet and defined the nobility nicely. I will soon have pictures of a striking peasant-class ensemble on the site. While setting up the original site, I upgraded my operating system to Windows XP, and could not use my scanner. Had to work long and hard on that.

Aha! I worked around the scanner problem (I hooked the old scanner up to my laptop) and here are the pictures of the yeoman's outfit I was telling you about. There are some more down with the other pix down below.

Some of the pictures deal with the details of the construction, others with the outfit as a whole. Please allow time for the pictures to load, I don't think you will be disappointed.

There are also some photos of MiLord Husband in his new outfit for faire this year. It is a wonderful antique gold brocade in a medallion motif with black and antique gold trim. The Doublet is made with shoulder rolls and laces down the front with split peplum to make reaching for dagger or rapier easier. The breeches are semi-fitted to just below the knee with drawstring waist and knee. The ensemble can be worn with black, green, or red shirt and hose for differing looks. Personally, I think he looks just smashing in it!

The pictures below are all 'Click to Enlarge'

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