I received the weirdest email the other day.  Apparently, I am not permitted to have political viewpoints on my personal vehicle (upon which I advertise my business) if I expect to get business from opposing sides.


Now, quite frankly, I have never heard anything so ridiculous in my entire life.  If I were to do business (or withhold it) based upon my likes or dislikes of someone's politics, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation or otherwise - why, wouldn't that make me some sort of narrow-minded bigot?


I have taken the email I received from this - person - and done a screenshot, and posted it here for you to read.  I have also posted the reply I sent him. 


Perhaps someone can explain this to me, in small words please, as I am obviously not too terribly smart!


If anyone would like Phil's email address, to congratulate him, agree with me, or for any reason what-so-ever, simply let me know, and I'll send it to you.  By all means, let us BOTH know what you think of this entire mess!


Email: LadyFaireDesigns@gmail.com