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  Robes are a major part of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, LARP, WICCA, Renaissance and religious life. The differences are in the styling, fabric, color(s) and trims. Traditionalist Wiccans will insist on natural fabric in white or undyed colorations. Some of the religious personages like monks also like natural fabrics, but in darker colors such as brown or black (I have never asked why). Wizards like whatever catches their fancy (and sometimes it's very fancy!), but it seems to correspond to their strength element; red (fire), blue (water), green (earth), black (here, I am unsure as to the strength element.  I have my thoughts and ideas, but no facts), white (air). I am told there is also yellow/gold, dealing with light (take that any way you wish.)  Quite often the decorations on the robes deal with, or hint at secondary powers, or alliances.  Some alliances you will never see are alliances between fire and water - they are contraindicated, whereas water and earth ally easily and well.  Fire and air have alliances, but chancy ones.  But enough of that for now...


I will make robes as simply or as ornate as you wish, and out of whatever fabric you wish. However, I would like to have you keep in mind a couple of things: the more time I put into your robe, the more it will cost you. The costlier the fabric you choose, the more it will cost you. I don't have entre to wholesale warehouses (I wish I did) where I can get fabric for pennies on the yard. I simply don't have the cash base to order in those quantities, and no where to store it if I could. I wish I could. I can get fabric a little cheaper than you can probably, but not certainly. The same goes for trim. Some of these robes take over 10 yards of fabric to make. If my quoted price seems high to you, ASK WHY. It might be the time it takes me to make the robe, it might be the cost of the fabric you chose, it might be the amount of fabric the robe requires. Don't just stomp off in disgust, ask.


These next robes are durable, showy and less expensive than some of the others - why? Because the outer layer (shell) is made of polyester poplin.  Very durable (what most uniforms are made of) and lightweight, less expensive than taffeta, velvet or satin. Wonderful for costuming, but not period correct in any way (of course, the lame lining put paid to period correct!).

Keep in mind I add new styles/colors/fabrics all the time.  If you see something that tickles your fancy, please let me know.  Or if you see something and it gives you an idea - even better!  Definitely let me know. I have added a page of friends, family, customers (Rogues Gallery)  and links you might be interested in.  Please keep in touch, look for the new items, and check out the links.   Have you the nerve to send me your picture in my creation for my Rogues Gallery?  If you send it, I will post it!  Be famous round the world!  Sort of [grin].

I do not duplicate any outfit without the express consent of the original purchaser. These pictures are for reference purposes. I can make you any robe you like in any fabric combination(s), simply email me for a quote.

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